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Stan Lindsay, Communication Faculty
Lindsay, PhD
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Teaching: Media Consumer Behavior, Assessing Organizational Communication, Burke & Communication Theory, and Marketing Communication Management.

Dr. Stan A. Lindsay received a B.A. from Lincoln Christian University (1971), an M.A. from Indiana University (1977), and a Ph.D. from Purdue University (1995).  Beyond these degrees, he has also extensively studied Comparative Literature at Indiana University and Rhetoric at the University of Illinois.  As a college and university lecturer and/or professor for forty years for such institutions as Florida State University, Loyola University, Purdue University, Indiana University, Butler University, Milligan College, and Iowa Christian College, he has been a specialist in applying the communication theory of Kenneth Burke, the key figure in the communication discipline in the twentieth century.

Dr. Lindsay has published thirteen books-- Implicit Rhetoric:  Kenneth Burke's Extension of ArisPtotle's Concept of Entelechy (University Press of America, 1998), The Twenty-One Sales in a Sale (Oasis Press/PSI Research, 1998), Revelation:  The Human Drama (Lehigh University Press, 2001), A Concise Kenneth Burke Concordance (Say Press, 2004), The Seven C's of Stress:  A Burkean Approach (Say Press, 2004),  Psychotic Entelechy:  The Dangers of "Spiritual Gifts" Theology  (University Press of America, 2006), Persuasion, Proposals, and Public Speaking  2nd ed.  (Say Press, 2009), Disneology:  Religious Rhetoric at Walt Disney World  (Say Press, 2010), The Essence of Rhetoric in Disney Music  (Say Press, 2010), Basic Public Relations Documents:  Implicit Rhetoric in Action  (Say Press, 2010), The Expanded Kenneth Burke Concordance (Say Press, 2014), ArguMentor  (Say Press, 2015), and Making OffersThey Can’t Refuse:  The Twenty-One Sales in a Sale  3rded.  (Say Press, 2015).

He has presented papers at scholarly conferences such as the National Communication Association national convention, the Triennial Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society, the Rhetoric Society of America national convention, and regional and national conventions of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature.  He is a member of the Kenneth Burke Society, the National Communication Association, the Rhetoric Society of America, the American Academy of Religion, and the Society of Biblical Literature.

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