Mike Zinszer

Mike Zinszer, PS&S Faculty
Advanced Science Dive Program
Teaching Faculty
Holley A-111-S
(850) 770-2203

I retired from the United States Navy after 20 years 4 months of service during which I served at USS Alamo (LSD-33), USS Niagara Falls (AFS-3), USS Conserver (ARS-39), USS Ortolan (ASR-22) and Navy Experimental Diving Unit. Throughout my career duties included, but were not limited to: Researcher / evaluator for diving and hyperbaric, life support systems, developing protocols and conducted research in biomedical and environmental physiology; Department Head; Deep Submergence Officer; Diving Officer; Saturation Dive Supervisor / Diver; Chief of Naval Operations priority - project task leader; Hyperbaric Chamber Supervisor; Quality Assurance Officer; Education Officer; Supply Division Officer; Shipboard - Officer of The Deck; Boat Coxswain; as well as test subject for numerous experimental dives. I have directed and assisted in the development and implementation of testing procedures for diving equipment in both manned and unmanned research projects. Additional duties include Safety Officer and Quality Assurance Officer in which I developed safety protocol and procedures for high-risk studies involving human test subjects. My proven leadership, management skills, dedication to safety, and desire for personal improvement and the improvement of the environment I worked in were well noted in annual reviews where I was consistently ranked above my peers. I also served as representative for the Navy during related research development, and diver safety with the international community.

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