Jon Bailey, PhD, BCBA-D

Psychology instructor
Bailey, PhD, BCBA-D
(850) 644-6443

Research Interests

Applied Behavior Analysis: The application of basic principles of behavior to the solution of important problems in society. Areas of interest include: ethics and professional skills, applied research, developmental disabilities, education. Performance Management & Technology is another area of interest. We work with businesses in Tallahassee to solve organizational and performance problems.

Current Research

  • Analyzing the diagnostic problem-solving strategies of performance management consultants
  • Diagnosing and prescribing treatments for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents
  • Analyzing the effects of two active learning strategies on the classroom behavior of children with behavior problems
  • Effects of non-contingent reinforcement on challenging behaviors in developmentally disabled individuals
  • Multiple projects on the application of performance management procedures to improve productivity in business and organization settings

Selected Publications


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