Learning Community

What's a Living & Learning Community?

At Florida State Panama City, a Living and Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who share a common interest and may even take some of their classes together. Each LLC at FSU PC was specifically designed to reinforce the theme of their community. Unlike some Universities, at FSU PC, most LLCs allow nonresidential students to join while some hybrid communities even include distance learners.  An LLC is a great place to plug into a supportive network of likeminded  students and passionate faculty as soon as you arrive at FSU PC. These communities have been created to support and assist your academic pursuits throughout your time at FSU PC.
The current FSU PC communities are listed below and sites include more details about the interest area of the LLC, what the community will do, who may join and how to apply.

Living-Learning Community Theme Features Include



Robotics Learning Community (R LC)
The robotics learning community is a student club where computer science and engineering students work together to develop robotics projects and learn about robotics.


A collaborative community of both online and face-to-face students will work together to develop projects using Arduino boards and NAO robots.  Experts working with robotics will come and share their knowledge.

This community is inactive as of fall 2022. If you are interested in more information please contact Dr. Karen Works at keworks@fsu.edu.


Crime Scene Investigation Student Interest Group (CSI SIG)

The CSI SIG seeks to build a community environment that promotes the educational and emotional growth of students interested in crime scene investigation. The goal is to provide students with a greater interest in crime scene related areas of study, a sense of belonging at FSU PC and smoother transition to college life, with the purpose of improving student performance and perseverance.

  • Connect with other interested in all things crime while making friends at social events with food and fun.
  • Receive course-based support during study group sessions guided by CSI LC Faculty/Staff.
  • Interact with professionals working in crime related fields, learn about university support services, resources, and other opportunities at FSU PC during guest discussions.
  • Master life skills, develop problem-solving ability and build teamwork relationships using crime related activities.  
  • Experience college in a meaningful and rewarding way.



Global Business Learning Community (GB LC)
Developing creative, technical and practical organizational skills for global minded individuals


Designed to give members access to executives, real businesses with real business problems, opportunities to develop job skills, and networking at national and local levels through conferences/competitions.
We support a collaborative community which fosters fun learning and life-long friendships.