The (Not So) Secret Lives of Faculty


Jerome Barnes - metal worker image

Jerome Barnes, Ph.D., aka The metalworker

Electrical Engineering

A required course in college turned into a hobby as Barnes nears his retirement. "As an engineer, I like to create things."

John Crossley image Alter Ego the photographer

John Crossley, Ph.D., aka The photographer

Recreation, Tourism & Events

Crossley travels the world to capture photos of sea life from sharks to a seahorse the size of a grain of rice.

Rusty Gentry alter ego image

Rusty Gentry, DNAP, aka The archer

Nurse Anesthesia

Gentry embraces the outdoors and nature while perfecting his archery technique through target practice.

sandra halvorson alter ego image

Sandra Halvorson, Ph.D., aka The performer


An actress at heart, Halvorson uses her talents to entertain residents at area nursing homes. She performs with her fiancé as “Sal & His Gal” and teaches hula.

dorothy imperial alter ego image

Dorothy Imperial, Ph.D., aka The Buckey

Elementary Education

The Ohio State alumna uses football season as a time for family, friends and food.

tom kelly alter ego

Tom Kelly, Ph.D., aka The musician

Public Safety & Security

Kelly picked up a guitar at the age of 14 and has used his talents to pay his way through school. He has recorded several '60s rock & roll albums.

kelley kline alter ego

Kelley Kline, Ph.D., aka The novelist


Kline uses writing as a therapeutic outlet. While writing "Ascent of the Immortal," she fell in love with the characters she created. She currently is writing a sequel.

chris lacher alter ego

Chris Lacher, Ph.D., aka The volunteer

Computer Science

Working with Elder Care Services, Lacher created Meals on 2 Wheels to deliver meals on bicycles to homebound Tallahassee residents. In the past five years, the organization has five routes with about 60 clients.

steve leach alter ego

Steve Leach, Ph.D., aka The singer

Computer Science

“Dr. Steve” was introduced to karaoke by a friend 12 years ago. During his first visit, he was convinced to sing a duet, which turned into weekly solos around town.

stan lindsay alter ego

Stan Lindsay, Ph.D., aka The songwriter


Lindsay has written five musicals. He is currently collaborating with his daughter on

al murphy alter ego image

Al Murphy, Ph.D., aka The sea turtle watcher


After seeing turtle tracks on South Walton Beach in 1993, Murphy teamed with another turtle enthusiast to co-found the South Walton Turtle Watch.

banyon pelham alter ego image

Baynon Pelham aka The mechanic

Public Safety & Security

Pelham builds custom Harleys in his home garage.

charla perdue alter ego image

Charla Perdue aka The world traveler

Public Safety & Security

Perdue has traveled to Mexico, West Africa and India on mission trips with her church.

amy pollick alter ego image

Amy Polick, Ph.D., BCBA-D, aka The boater


Newlywed Polick and her husband, Rusty, have been to Shell Island every weekend since they bought their boat in April.

cristina rios alter ego image

Cristina Rios aka The linguist

Elementary Education

Cuban native Rios majored in French in college. The trilingual educator uses her language skills to prepare students to teach non-English speaking children

john smith alter ego image

John Smith, Ph.D., aka The dirt bike enthusiast


Smith and his son, Adam, began dirt biking 16 years ago to spend more time together. Smith and the other dads have continued with the sport after their sons lost interest.

mike wallace alter ego image

Mike Wallace, Ph.D., aka The dancer


Wallace is a semi-professional dancer specializing in ballroom and salsa. In May, he won the Panama City Championships of the Riptide Classic for male physique.

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