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Crime Scene Investigation

Housed under FSU Panama City’s Public Safety & Security program, the CSI major integrates analytic and hands-on practical exercises with theoretical principles to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in law enforcement, security, intelligence or investigations. Required lab coursework, which offers continuing education hours from the international Association for Identification, puts students in real crime scene scenarios, allowing them to analyze blood splatter, collect trace evidence, dust for fingerprints and reconstruct facial features to identify victims.

The CSI major integrates analytic and hands-on practical exercises with theoretical principles needed to work in areas such as crime scene, death investigations, medical examiner’s office, forensic lab and more. All courses are offered online or face to face.  Required hands on labs are offered in accelerated one week summer semesters.  During the program students will work real cold cases as well as mock crime scene scenarios.  Labs allow students to practice skills like blood spatter analysis, processing of fingerprints, facial reconstruction and buried bodies. All CSI specific labs are Approved by the International Association of Identification as training certification or continuing education hours.

Students can further tailor their education with a certificate in underwater crime scene investigation, and graduates can further advance their career with a master’s level with a graduate certificate or master’s degree in law enforcement intelligence.

Through on-campus and online lectures and real-world crime scene scenarios, the program teaches students to collect, identify, classify and analyze physical evidence to help solve and prosecute criminal activity.

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