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Student Health Insurance Requirement

Providing proof of health insurance is an annual requirement for every student in this program. Students must enroll in the school sponsored health insurance plan or waive enrollment in the school sponsored plan by showing proof of other comparable health insurance. The annual deadline for this decision is July 25. Completed documents should be sent to FSU Panama City, Office of Student Affairs, Barron #210, 4750 Collegiate Dr., Panama City, FL, 32405-1099 or fax completed forms to (850) 747-5434. If you have further questions please call (850) 770-2176.

Once admitted, you may purchase FSU Student Health Insurance; refer to Instructions for Purchasing FSU's Annual Student Health Insurance , Request to Purchase Student Health Insurance , and Student Health Insurance Disclaimer . Half cost billing will be with fall semester's tuition and the other half will be billed with spring semester's tuition. Coverage is for the entire academic year, each fall through summer semesters.

Refer to Domestic Health Insurance Requirements and Domestic Health Insurance WAIVER for more information on waiving enrollment in the school sponsored health insurance plan. Student Veterans who participate in the VA Healthcare System may waive the school sponsored health insurance plan and must also fill out and submit the waiver. The VA may pay for your purchase of the student health insurance, so check with your local veterans' representative.

For more information on FSU's Student Health Insurance Plan, please review the following documents:



For complete information about FSU's Health Compliance requirement, please visit University Health Services. Please remember that Panama City students may not enroll or waive student health insurance through this web site.

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