Elementary Education Office


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Welcome all students! The Elementary Education program offers opportunities for teachers - both current and prospective - to develop their skills and knowledge in the field.

Students applying to the combined Bachelors/Masters in Elementary Education at FSU Panama City are only considered for fall admission. Students must submit BOTH a university application AND a separate program application for consideration. The separate Elementary Education program application must be submitted no later than June 1 to be considered for the fall semester.

Please remember to also apply to FSU Panama City.


Completion of a Florida state approved educator preparation program requires students to demonstrate mastery of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices and Reading Competencies. In order to track and collect data on the Signature Assessments, FSU has adopted LiveText. LiveText will be used for you to upload your assessments as you progress throughout your program. A LiveText membership is required for successful completion of your state approved teacher preparation program. Your membership is good for five years and allows you to retain evidence of your demonstration of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices and Reading Competencies.