Social Science Education Program

Program Information

  • College:
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Limited Access: Yes

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The Social Science Education Program is not currently admitting students

Program Description

  1. The undergraduate program in Social Science Education is designed to provide both the academic foundation and the practical school experience necessary to becoming a successful beginning teacher of social studies in middle school and high school. The program is periodically refined to meet and exceed the changing expectations of the Florida Department of Education, professional organizations and a national accrediting agency. The innovative curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Social Science Education with certification to teach social studies in middle school and high school (grades 6-12). The certification is described as a broad field certification which qualifies the graduate to teach any school subject within the general teaching field termed the social studies. This includes: history, geography, government, economics, psychology and sociology.
  2. Agreements among states presently qualify graduates for initial certification in thirty-eight states. Prospective applicants already holding the bachelor’s degree in a related field and who are seeking initial certification to teach social studies are encouraged to contact a graduate advisor to apply for admission to a master’s degree program.

Admission Requirements:

  1. In order to be eligible to enter the College of Education, a student must have at least a cumulative overall average of 2.5.
  2. All students must take and pass the General Knowledge portion of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) as an entrance exam. The General Knowledge FTCE is also required by the State of Florida for graduation and state certification.
  3. Students must have taken and passed the Education Core Classes listed below:
    a. (EDF-1005) Introduction to Education – 3 hrs.
    b. (EDF-2085) Teaching Diverse Populations – 3 hrs.

    Admission into The Florida State University does not ensure admission into a teacher education program or into the College of Education. Students must apply and be admitted to FSU, the College of Education, and the Social Science Education program. The program application information and a list of requirements is available from the Office of Admissions and Records, Barron Building Room 108 and is also provided in a link at the bottom of this page.