Public Safety & Security

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Public Safety & Security combines disciplines within both social science and physical science to address problems presented by criminal behavior. The public safety & security baccalaureate of science degree prepares students to practice within most of the public safety & security professions.

The Public Safety & Security degree integrates practical exercises, both analytic and hands-on, with theoretical principles to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by the competencies for law enforcement, security, intelligence, and investigations. The guiding perspective of public safety is as an operational spectrum from prevention to response to investigation, under laid with intelligence, connected by a management information system, all facilitated by an overarching management system. The core and required courses are designed to provide students an overview of this entire spectrum and also the opportunity to focus on operating within a portion of the system.

An undergraduate degree in public safety & security offers broad preparation for positions in law enforcement, public and private security, Department of Homeland Security agencies, the intelligence services, community and residential corrections, court services, probation and parole, and may serve as a foundation for law school or graduate school.

Public Safety & Security offers three undergraduate degree programs:

Public Safety & Security offers three program certificates:

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The War Zone- The Drive

“’Identity Intel Ops’ Turn US Special Operators Into Combat Detectives. Personal data, fingerprints, DNA, and more all help lead elite forces to their next target.”

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The Growing Link Between Intelligence Communities and Academia

"...the tactics used by America’s current and potential future enemies are constantly changing. This volatility and diversity of threats means that the IC needs higher education’s help."

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US News

"US News  reports the FSU "online bachelor’s programs took the greatest leap in the rankings, reaching No. 34, up from No. 161 last year. Online undergraduate degree programs include computer science, criminology, social science, and public safety and security."