Unlock the mind.

Use scientific methods to understand, describe, predict and control behavior. The undergraduate degree program in psychology emphasizes neuroscience; developmental, cognitive, clinical and social psychology; and applied behavior analysis.


About Us

Welcome to Psychology. We are home to world-class scholars whose research consistently attracts national and international recognition. In addition to excelling in research, our faculty are recognized for excellence in teaching. Our department provides outstanding graduate programs in Neuroscience and in Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, and Social psychology. Students have access to the resources and training they need to achieve distinction in their areas of study including an established program for involving students in research, scholarships and grants for student-initiated research, a Psychology in London program, and an active Psi Chi chapter that hosts events celebrating student research and service. Our commitment to research and teaching is aided by our 103,000-square-foot building featuring classrooms, computer labs, and state-of-the art laboratories situated on the Florida State University science quadrangle.

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