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Achievement & Advising Center

Where to find us:

Located on the ground floor, room 117 of the Office Building, the Achievement Center provides professional academic advising and tutoring to support students as they establish and realize their personal, academic, and career goals at Florida State University Panama City. 

What we do:

The primary focus of our program is to assist and guide students so they are retained at the University from the time of enrollment through graduation.  With expertise on university policies, resources and opportunities, and extensive training in effective guidance, our professionals promote students’ progress and growth throughout their academic careers.  Through the relationships with advisers, our students are empowered to take personal responsibility and ownership of their educational endeavors.  To aid in the success of students, the Achievement Center also provides tutoring assistance and workshops designed to take them to the next level of academic achievement.


Our faculty and faculty-recommended tutors help to develop the study skills and personal success habits that enhance learning and encourage the highest level of scholarship and academic achievement. 

We invite you to explore our website for information and resources and to join us for some of our programs.